danja britney

Songwriters, producers and artists were honored for their contributions to music over the past year at the SESAC Pop Awards ceremony at the New York Public Library tonight, including Miguel, Melanie Fiona…and Danja.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend the event, and so, attend I did.

Of course, being the loyal and devoted Britney stan that I am, there was only one mission on my mind upon learning that the unstoppable Danja was in the building: Blackout 2.0. (Well, aside from freaking out to Michelle Williams about her follow-up to Unexpected and telling her how much I love “Hello Heartbreak,” but more on that for another time.)

At some point, Danja began making his way down the red carpet, so I immediately sprung into action (read: calmly drifted over to ask for to interview and then patiently awaited my turn.) As it turns out, Mr. Danja is both very tall and very pleasant. He exuded confidence, and seemed like like the kind of person who could, say, encourage someone to step into a recording booth and sensually whisper the words: “It’s Britney, bitch.

After discussing the night’s events briefly and SHAKING THE VERY HAND THAT CRAFTED “GIMME MORE,” I finally launched into stan mode and popped the nagging question.

Blackout was a masterpiece. What’s going on with Blackout 2.0?”

He laughed, nodded and said:

“I’m with everybody else. I want to make it happen. I’ve been in the studio creating for her. We haven’t got in yet, we’re just collecting songs and creating an energy. There’s been a lot of conversation and a lot of talk. I don’t know when the next [Blackout] is going to be, but I believe there’s going to be another one.”

And there you have it: Nothing too new, but a gentle reassurance that B’s still on his brain.