Sam Smith

Sam Smith‘s soulful vocals have been fluttering around the British music scene for months now: After lending his voice to Disclosure‘s incredible Top 20 single “Latch” last year (a highlight of Settle, for sure!), the singer-songwriter saw the favor returned when the UK dance duo produced his powerful, piano-led debut single, “Lay Me Down.” And then, there’s his massive #1 hit “La La La” with Naughty Boy (who’s reportedly in the studio with Queen B!), which dominated the charts in May.

Now, Smith’s back to guide us through the remainder of summer with an equally arresting tune called “Safe With Me,” co-crafted alongside Two Inch Punch. Unlike his first single, which relied heavily on his massive pipes and almost no production value, the slickly-produced late night devotional allows Sam to experiment with slow-tripping, delicate drum loops and dull twinkles of electronica.

“Don’t you know your secret’s safe with me? All your worries can be put to sleep,” Sam seductively assures, his voice slowly warping and morphing above the gently clattering beats. Between the occasional church organ and semi-maniacal voices in the distance, there’s something slightly ominous about the production. Never mind all that, though — just put all your faith in Sam Smith, because this one’s truly sublime.

“Safe With Me” serves as the first taste of Smith’s upcoming debut EP, due out later this summer.

“Safe With Me” was released on (iTunes)

Thanks to Muuser Miles D. for the recommendation.