Armed with an eclectic collage of musical influences (from early ’90’s House to drum & bass to electro-infused dancehall) and visual styles (think M.I.A. meets Nicki Minaj meets Katy Perry meets Azealia Banks), 17-year-old songstress A*M*E is a solid poster child for the new generation of post-Tumblr pop stars.

The rising LDN star first caught my eye over at PopJustice back in the beginning of the year with the eccentric, MNEK-produced “City Lights (feat. Bartoven)”, followed by the equally insane “Ride or Die.”

“Play The Game Boy,” A*M*E’s official official debut single, and her strongest effort to date.

Unlike her past few offerings, “Play The Game Boy” is a straightforward slice of ’80’s-encrusted synth-pop: “You can’t stop me now or hold me down, I’m calling you out,” the soon-to-be sensation croons above sparkling electronica and 8-bit beats. With its enormously addictive earworm of a hook and the dance-pop sensibility of a Robyn or an early Madonna tune, “Play The Game Boy” is bound to send the rising star skyrocketing into superstardom within months. (It ought to, at least.)

And speaking of the Material Girl, Little Miss A*M*E’s already got me hopefully charmed with this one: “You’re gonna watch as I lose all control/Get my Madonna on and watch me vogue!” Ah, I’m such a sucker.

Check out the colorful accompanying clip below, which features some blue-bobbed back-up dancers straight out of Katy’s candy-coated dreams, hip twerks from RiRi’s tour rehearsals, fierce fashions directly shipped from Nicki’s closet, and a handful of weaves that ought to have Azealia gagging with delight.


“Play The Game Boy” was released on November 11. (iTunes UK)