We did it, C-Squad.

Ciara has officially named “Overdose” as the third single from her latest studio album, Ciara. (Read the review yet?)

It hasn’t been an easy ride (REFERENCE), of course.

My own efforts to mobilize the One Woman Army into “Overdose” mode lasted for months: There was my formal bulletpointed “Overdose” presentation-turned-thesis in June, as well as an unsubtle plea during my phone call with the Fantasy Ride phenom. I, along with thousands of C-Squaders on Twitter (and Facebook and Tumblr and, I don’t know, Kik or whatever) have been rallying for this single release for months, passionately chanting to @Ciara for justice: “RELEASE OVERDOSE! OVERDOSE OR DIE! WE SHALL OVERDOSE!”


The single cover was just revealed on JustJared (above), in which CiCi is CiSeen grabbing someone’s goodies (REFERENCE), giving you some reverse Janet ’93 Rolling Stone cover realness. The goodies in question belong to Future given the tattoos, meaning the accompanying video may very well be an extension of the “Body Party” video. (He reads!)

The single hits radio on October 14.

Let us now form a prayer circle, call a doctor, get super turnt up and prepare to request “Overdose” on the hotline.


“Overdose” will be released on October 14. (iTunes)