Rihanna Rih-Activated Her Instagram And Wants “A Big, Trimmed ****” For Christmas, Rih-Mains National Hero

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She’s seen our tears and heard our cries at night (they sound like “na na na, come on!“): Rihanna‘s finally found a single phuck to give to us.

After deactivating her account due to her #UnapologeticNipples all the way back in May, the Barbadian beauty rih-turned to Instagram at long last over the weekend. FINALLY, the wait is ova.

But for what? To announce a new single? Long-awaited news of R8, perhaps? LOL, no.

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She just wanted to post her Halloween pics, duh.

She went as Raphael from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles this year! (Or maybe it’s a subtle clue that R8 is turtle-themed.)

But the Instagram Rih-activation isn’t the only eyebrow-raising move she’s made.

Today, Elle unveiled their RiRi cover and photo spread for their December issue. And although the full article won’t be out in full until November 11, the editors were wise enough to provide a sneak peek of what is, without question, already the most important answer out of her entire Q&A.

Fretting over what to get RiRi for Christmas, aside from red lipstick and rolling papers? Wonder no more.

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So, then, just to rih-cap: That’s a Rih-vitalized Instagram account and a magazine cover.

Are you trying to tell us something, Rih? Because, in case you haven’t noticed the state of pop music these days, we’re navigating directly through #BasicZone on the charts, and we Navy members desperately need you to grab the wheel again.

And, as a tantalizing final tease: If Daily Star Sunday columnist James Ingham is to believed, she’s going to be announced as a X Factor UK performer sometime in the very near future.



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