When you’re within The Holy Spearit’s domain, you always assume the position.

As we already know, Living Legend and Exceptional Earner Miss Britney Spears has a freaky tendency (REFERENCE) to turn one more-than-willing participant into her own personal bitch nightly during her Piece Of Me residency in Las Vegas.

And last night, it was funny lady Kathy Griffin who was selected as the latest Slave 4 B to teach some lessons in S-S-S and M-M-M during “Freakshow.”

Watch above as Brit Brit and crew make the redhead comedienne happily fall to her knees at the feet of Godney and put in some serious work bitch on stage. Props to Kathy for being a good (and hilarious) sport on stage. Also, “Everybody give it up for Miss Kathy!” So, so Britney. Praise our polite Southern Queen’s light…

…and her sass.