“Talking Body” Video: Tove Lo Sets Her Body Free

If “Habits (Stay High)” was able to claw its way up to #3 in America last year, then Tove Lo‘s “Talking Body” truly ought to be the Swedish songbird’s first #1 hit this year.

The sexy Queen Of The Clouds standout represents all things Tove: Unforgettable pop hooks, drunken mood swings and an oh-so-blunt brand of lyricism (“If you love me right, we fuck for li-i-fe!”) Poetry, if I’ve ever heard it.

As for what the song’s accompanying visual’s all about? Well, there are some bodies, not much talking, but a whole lot of making out, as Tove seduces a criminal (Britney would be proud!) and sets out to get her hands — or rather, her lips — on the muscly wanted man amid partygoers and policemen.

And that’s not all! There’s some strip club naughtiness, explosive dance floor action, a motorcycle escape moment (again, Brit Brit is just loving everything about this), all leading up to what looks like a full-on orgy-turned-incarceration. Also, some burlesque-friendly nipple tassels! Now Legendtina‘s getting turned on, too.

The wall-less, Dogville-inspired concept is certainly open for interpretation, just like Sia‘s “Elastic Heart” video. Isn’t it nice that our pop starlets are giving us some visual food for thought already this year?

From Miss Tove herself:

After days of LONG takes, f*ck ups, make outs, fireworks and cigarettes – the #TalkingBodyVideo is made! So proud of this sexy, tacky, dirty Dogville-inspired piece done together with my partners in crime Motellet Film and IAmProduction. These guys know how to bring out the best in me even when I’m close to punching them in the face :) The whole team ruled!!! Extra cred to Filip Rosén aka “Jack The Body” who played it like a pro. All my love to Sarah Grundén and Natalie Olenheim for making me look fab and all you peeps that came and danced with me for hours without pee breaks! Woooh! Remember babes – the perfect body is whatever body turns you on. Enjoy!! X / Miss Lo

If Tove said she wanted your bo-deh now, would you hold it against her?

‘Queen Of The Clouds’ was released on September 30. (iTunes)

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