Do you or a loved one suffer from The Rhythm?

Possible symptoms include, but are not limited to: Hallucinations, psychosis, confusion, sweating, mania, euphoria, superhuman jumping skills and hypersexuality.

If so, please call your local iTunes and pre-order immediately.

For serious, though: MNEK‘s really gone and done it this time.

“The Rhythm” is a purely huge tune (choon) full of summery pulsations, finger snaps, almighty build-ups into nazzzty beat drops and the talented singer-songwriter-superstar’s soulful voice, which just won’t quit.

The first contender for Summer Smash of 2015? Indeed.

But please: Don’t listen to “The Rhythm” at the supermarket or in the vicinity of sharp objects, because you just might…


“The Rhythm” will be released on MNEK’s upcoming Small Talk EP on March 27, along with his previous singles “Every Little Word,” “In Your Clouds” and “Wrote A Song About You.”

1.Every Little Word
2.More than A Miracle
3.Wrote a Song About You
4.The Rhythm
5.In Your Clouds

“The Rhythm” will be released on March 15. (iTunes)