Sia Slays Acoustic Version of “Titanium” For The First Time Live, Remains Titanium


So, this is sort of hard to believe, but despite the fact that David Guetta and Sia‘s ginormous worldwide House smash “Titanium” was released way back in December of 2011 (and premiered even earlier that summer), the powerhouse singer-songstress has never actually done an acoustic performance of the song — up until just now.

Last Saturday, Sia performed an acoustic version of “Titanium” live at the An Evening with Women charity event in Beverly Hills.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already heard the song 45 million times on the radio. It doesn’t matter if you’re tired of hearing the song slamming from the speakers while some glittery twink spills his vodka ginger on you. And it doesn’t matter how much Beatrice Miller nailed the song at the Haus of Godney on X Factor. (Britney loves her some “Titanium,” y’know! Also: “Control the loudness.”)

Hearing “Titanium” performed live, by the songwriter herself, is a complete revelation. And those vocals? COME ON.

Prepare for (A) chills, (B) shivers, (C) goosebumps and perhaps even some (D) tears.


Same, Demi. Same.

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