Duh duh duh da, duh duh duh da…

Come on in, sit yourselves down, and allow Giorgio Moroder and The Legendary Miss Britney Spears to serve you some nice, hot cheesy grits and a nice cup o’ sweet tea.

With Déjà Vu on the way this June, it’s almost inevitable that the album’s most highly anticipated collaboration — Brit Brit’s left-lane disco cover of the Suzanne Vega lonesome diner classic, “Tom’s Diner” (to be known as “Godney’s Diner” from now on) — would start to spill across the Internet like a woman shaking her umbrella on the floor.

Specifically, a short clip of the throbbing cover has surfaced featuring this bit of the track:

I open up the paper/There’s a story of an actor who had died while he was drinking/It was no one I had heard of/And I’m turning to the horoscope and looking for the funnies/When I’m feeling someone watching me/And so I raise my head..


Note the oh-so-classic Britnunciation of each and every syllable. Like all her covers, B-Girl really knows how to make it her own. And that pulsating production? Y’all ain’t ready.

UPDATE: A second clip has arrived, featuring those glorious Moroder’s dark disco strings in the chorus. Duh duh duh da…

UPDATE 2: And another, bitch.

Look: B-Girl was just a bit too busy being an exceptional earner in Vegas and recording her upcoming ninth studio album Not My Full Priority to record that bridge, okay?

You ready to have your full meal at Godney’s Diner? Hope you’re hungry for more (MOAH!)…

UPDATE 3: You wanted moah, and so the thirsty stans delivered…two months ahead of schedule.