We Are So Close To Seeing Britney’s 2007 MTV VMAs Rehearsal Footage (Update: We Got It!)

The year was 2007. The city was Las Vegas. The time was Blackout.

There’s not a single pop-loving soul in this world, fan or otherwise, who hasn’t watched at least part of The Legendary Miss Britney Spears‘ 2007 MTV Video Music Awards opening performance of “Gimme More” — originally billed to be her grand comeback.

And while the wobbly, half-hearted rendition that followed was initially met with shock and dismay (Entertainment Weekly‘s “Oh, the horror!” cover remains my all-time favorite tabloid response — had that bad boy taped to my wall in college), the moment has since gone on to become an iconic representation of that dark, thrilling, scary and undeniably rebellious era in Britney’s personal and professional life.

Now that B’s since made a real comeback (time and time again) and looking happier and healthier than ever, it’s fascinating to re-watch that shaky show opening in 2015.

Everything about it — that hair, the blue contacts, the broken heel, the glued-on nails, the sparkly outfit, that choreography, Rihanna‘s giggling — is infamous to this day. And since then, it’s largely considered to be (by the fans, anyway) just as memorable and important as every of her other VMAs performances: It’s fucks-free. It’s fierce. It’s Britney, bitch.

And now, we’re on the verge of seeing the rehearsal footage that led up to that historic moment.

A video posted by César Ríos (@estuberrios) on

Over the weekend, Britney Spears Chile (or, at least, this particular Chilean?) uploaded 15 seconds of the elusive “Gimme More” rehearsal footage, in which B wears an oversized hat AND sunglasses (how did she see?), a white top and low ride jeans. She can’t even get through mouthing the first few words of the Elvis Presley “Trouble” intro without bursting into an oh-so-Britney toothy giggle. Oh, B!

A video posted by César Ríos (@estuberrios) on

Hours later, the same account uploaded 15 seconds more (MOAH) of the rehearsal footage, featuring The Holy Spearit mid-choreography.

A video posted by César Ríos (@estuberrios) on

And after that, the account uploaded what appears to be a high quality version of B’s “Gimme More” backdrop — a necessary visual for any queen (drag or otherwise) hoping to relive that messy glory and perform the song live with the real background video.

Of course, that’s not nearly enough. We still want more. MOAH! To the mega-stans holding onto the full video inside the Brit Brit Black(out) Market: It’s time to fork it over…for the good of the people. And it’s been nearly eight years now!

The point of seeing the rehearsal footage? Personally, I’m not anticipating (REFERENCE) that we’ll see anything even slightly different than what we saw go down live. If anything, she’ll probably look a bit more polished and fluid. I just want everything there is to see from that fateful evening, including THIS dress rehearsal…with a ponytail.


Eight years later, and we still want moah.

UPDATE: Godney has heard our prayers, and the rehearsal footage has arrived in full.

As anticipated, it’s exactly the same routine as the actual performance. There is, however, a legendary fireplace video backdrop that went unused.

Watch it below before the powers that be inevitably take it down and deny us the goodness of a thoroughly unbothered and entirely fucks-free Jeansandhatney in rehearsal mode. MOAH!

GIF via @radarhorse.

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