Rebel Am I, Who Me? Oh, no.

I almost forgot. Before I go off to slumber, I really need to address Iio. The group formed a billion years ago and gained worldwide success with their still perfect single, “Rapture.” Even if you don’t think you’ve heard it, you have, you just haven’t made the connection. Don’t believe me? Give it a few seconds of play. Regardless, their album, Poetica, is equally impressive. One of my favorites off of the CD is “Rebel,” a mid-tempo track featuring Nadia Ali’s ever impressive, unique vocals. It’s really wonderful.

EDIT: Actually, “Is It Love?” is a necessary post as well. The song is even slower than “Rebel,” though there are plenty of club mixes out there from the time it was released as a single. The song is repetitive and chilled. The chorus’ only line, “Is It Love?” is repeated endlessly, but it flows beautifully…I personally love it. I even heard the song on mainstream radio once while driving with my mother, who abruptly switched the station due to Nadia’s inability to distinguish if it is in fact love. I couldn’t find any YouTube links to the slower album version, but it’s really quite fantastic, so I made a link for it.

DL: Is It Love? (Album Version).

You can buy Iio’s Poetica at Amazon.

And you, what do you think?

Sexy Dance

Sexy Dance

Ay–Ayumi dancing sexily?

Lights and Voices

Lights and Voices

You’ll have to excuse the looks of this place

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