Irene Seulgi Naughty

Red Velvet’s Irene & Seulgi Get ‘Naughty’ With Their Hands

Come on, vogue.

Evidently, Irene and Seulgi have also been watching a lot of Legendary in their downtime.

The lovely, touchy-feely, and occasionally creepy ladies of Red Velvet are back almost immediately after the release of their sub-unit lead single and mini-album title track, “Monster” – and this time, they’re throwing hands. (And, mercifully, no one’s been turned into a demon this time around.)

“Naughty (놀이)” might not be particularly groundbreaking sonically speaking, especially in terms of what we’ve heard in K-pop in the past few years – but it’s still an instantly addictive, Disclosure-esque bass-heavy deep house pop bop regardless – the chant of a chorus is particularly fierce.

The music video for “Naughty” is really where it’s at, which opens with the girls giving us dramatic 30-second introductory strut for no particular reason, other than to flaunt their sheer beauty – and no one’s complaining!

And then, they get down to business, dancing it out hard with some particularly impressive voguing and intricate tutting throughout. It’s mesmerizing – especially in all the ways they compliment each other and come together in poses. The outro of the visual is also intriguing: Irene and Seulgi find themselves at a fork in the road and…go their separate ways. Is this already the end of the sub-unit saga? Or just a clue for what’s next in their expanding storyline? Either way, they’re truly proving themselves to be quite a force as a duo.

This is going to be incredible if they plan to perform this live on music shows – and afterward, I’m looking forward to see how they do on Legendary Season 2.

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