Cansei de Ser Sexy

Today is a Sunday. Hate em. I hate Sundays with a passion. But the weird thing about Sundays is that I always fall into a trend of researching and discovering new artists to enjoy for the remainder of the week. But I also lie around lazily for hours at a time in my underwear, as I am demonstrating for you all now.

Brazilian synth rock/pop group, CSS, is not a band I would jump to consider at first glance. I presumed them to be more rock, less electro. But, like 79% of the time, I was completely and utterly mistaken. The band is a rich source of eclectic and unpredictable entertainment. According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, their name comes from an alleged quote by Beyonce in Portuguese, proclaiming that she was tired of being sexy. But I know it cannot be true, because B can never stop being too sexy. Anyway. You can tell that they are what they say they are: a bunch of friends, making music and having good times. And yes, okay, I’ll admit I only began to research them seriously upon seeing a picture of them at the Spice Girls concert. Pop culture and celebrity lifestyle are some of the most common themes of their work. And Myspace posts.

Oh, and P.S.: You already know them. They do the iPod Touch song “Music Is My Hot Hot Sex,” with all the lyrics about music being your relative, dating music, and other things that I certainly would disapprove of doing to music.

After digging around, I noticed a dozen or so remixes, which are all really fantastic, and only add to the synth-crunch beats. Most notably, the Simian Mobile Disco remix, which is a frantic, disjointed utopia. As a side note: Watch for Simian Mobile Disco. They’re rapidly gaining prominence through remixes such as Björk’s Innocence and Ladytron’s International Dateline. Strangely, I thought to myself: Say now, eighties-obsessed Calvin Harris should be responsible for mixing this. One second later, I found that he indeed did!! It’s nice and retro, and reminds me a LOT of the works of Cut Copy. Some album tracks also appear below, including the song “Computer Heat” from their debut album’s first release. And continuing to prove my soon-to-be patented hypothesis that all songs containing the phrase “La La” are both addictive and uncontrollably catchy, “Alala,” follows suit. Warning: Video will cause fear.

Anyway, lots of fun to be had. Check out some good ol’ indielectro-pop!

DL: CSS – Computer Heat
DL: CSS – Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death From Above (Simian Mobile Disco Remix)
DL: CSS – Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above (Calvin Harris Remix)
DL: CSS – Alala

And you, what do you think?

Temposhark – It’s Better To Have Loved

Temposhark – It’s Better To Have Loved

One of the artists I’ve been most desperately awaiting to release their

Royksopp – The Understanding

Royksopp – The Understanding

For my final post of the night, I wanted to introduce one of my most cherished

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