Royksopp – The Understanding

For my final post of the night, I wanted to introduce one of my most cherished artists, Royksopp. The Norweigan duo, consisting of Torbjørn Brundtland and Svein Bergeare are currently working on their third album. Anyone have any news on its production state? Anyway. They are responsible for countless songs you know, love, and hate, depending upon the various commercials they’ve permeated. Most notably, they are responsible for one of the greatest CD’s I’ve ever heard.

For me, it’s a very personal experience to listen to The Understanding, most likely stemming from my own experiences that were interwoven within the initial playing period. The Understanding is terribly beautiful; it fluctuates from majestic, expansive instrumentals to frenetic, soul-searching melodies, yet manages to withhold a deep mystery and lonesomeness that demands to be revisited time and time again.

“Only This Moment” is arguably my favorite track off of the album. It’s completely personal, though the initial beats may deem it as otherwise. The haunting lyrics are encompassing. The layers of sound allow the song to be enshrouded with the longing feeling detailed within the lyrics. Not to mention its the haunting voice of Miss. Kate Havnevik! And, it’s got my favorite lyrics of all time: “Voices within me mix reason with lust / But I’ll try to accept it and not make it worse / ‘Cause I know I might lose it by taking the chance / But love without pain isn’t really romance.” So ethereal and beautiful. It’s an absolute must.

But the album continues to be eclectic. “99 Percent” is a seductive trip-hop rap, while “What Else is There?” featuring The Knife’s lead singer Karin, and so much more. There really are no dull tracks on the album. It is rich in its entirety, and I recommend it to any and all who are looking for a deeper experience through electronica.

DL: Royksopp – Only This Moment
DL: Royksopp – Follow My Ruin
DL: Royksopp – What Else Is There?

PLEASE be sure to buy The Understanding by Royksopp at Amazon.

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