Feeling a Bit…

“Rippin’ Up The Disco” is the kind of song that embodies everything I like in a pop tune. Tongue-in-cheek, sassy vocals, dirty electro beats, and some assorted nonsense lyrics about discotheques. Now THAT’S music, people. Sounds like a mash of Alison Goldfrapp vocals with modern electro. Cruelly, this song was left as a mere bonus track for Kylie’s latest album, X, surely one of the greatest injustices of the 21st century. Watch the track play above Kylie’s camp-as-a-mofo “Your Disco Needs You” music video. Your tears will be made up of rainbows and sunshine.

You can buy Kylie’s new album X over at Amazon.

Christmas Cheer

Christmas Cheer

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s Christmas

Knocked Up Teens…Not Just For Kids Anymore.

Knocked Up Teens…Not Just For Kids Anymore.

Going out to see Juno in an hour, I’ll be back to let you all (myself)

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