Good afternoon…and Merry Madgemas.

Today, August 16, is the blessed day of The Mighty M-Dolla, MDNA, Esther, #RebelHeart #SecretProjectRevolution #Iconic #UnapologeticBitch Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone — the Empress of Instagram, the Hashtag High Priestess, the Grillz Goddess and the overall Queen of Everything.



I myself have been/will be gallivanting ’round town living for love and making poor choices at all the Madonna-centric celebrations this weekend and next in whatever sleeveless Madge merch I’ve got lying around.

Haven’t I seen you somewhere before? You look familiar…you wanna dance?

Madonna Hump GIF

(Also, I almost died last night, but I’m fine, really…don’t worry about me. THANKS FOR CHECKING.)

But all that is entirely unrelated to what this actual post is about: Today is also the day to finally unveil the MuuTunes for the month of August!

Naturally, Her Holiness the Dalai Lana Del Rey kicks off the collection with her Honeymoon helicopter-obliterating empowerment anthem, “High By The Beach.” There are some killer, end-of-summer-friendly remixes to keep Demi Lovato‘s “Cool For The Summer” even cooler and Erik Hassle‘s “No Words” even more speechless.

There’s as much new Carly Rae Jepsen as possible, as E•MO•TION remains the best, plus some fun offerings by a few familiar faces we haven’t seen in a minute, like V V Brown and Neon Hitch. And so much more!

Go on and dive in while the sun’s still strong. (It’s hot as a motherfucker, actually.)

The playlist is available on Apple Music and Spotify, updating regularly through the month — so SUBSCRIBE NOW to find new surprises added to the playlist each day.