Jamie-Lynn: Pregnant?

Rumors are swirling that Britney’s little sister, Jamie-Lynn, is pregnant at sixteen years old. An OK! magazine cover, posted directly on the OK! website, features Jamie-Lynn on the cover with an exclusive interview proclaiming “I’m Pregnant.”

Looks like things aren’t looking too well for the Spears’ family Christmas now, are they? I hope this is a fake story. OK! has run a consistent streak of false magazine covers. None of them have alleged “interviews” however, so I find this to be a bit extreme. Somehow I’m unable to believe anything regarding Britney’s life considering the outlandishness of the media. In all honesty, I do hope that Jamie-Lynn is okay.

EDIT: Well, it’s official and confirmed by both Nickelodeon and Britney Spears. Despite the sadness of the situation, there are way too many ironies to be ignored: Jamie-Lynn going to see Juno with her parents a few days ago? Meeting the boyfriend in church? Her mother in the midst of writing a book about properly parenting children in Hollywood? It’s like they’ve planned this for years. Good show.

Piece of B…

Piece of B…

So, the new Britney video finally surfaced on Friday, December 14th

Outta My Head

Outta My Head

While I spend the rest of the night trying to wrap my head around the

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