Outta My Head

While I spend the rest of the night trying to wrap my head around the ever-increasing madness produced by the Spears family household, I was most pleasantly shocked by the accompanying video to Ashlee Simpson’s Danja produced “Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya).”
For her first song in about two years, the video features Simpson running around and being chased. If you smoosh together some assorted 1980’s paraphernalia, Salvador Dali’s Persistence of Memory, and the paparazzi, you’d get the general jive of the video. She looks cute, fresh, and most importantly, she’s finally put a quash on that miserable Avril-angst persona she was failing to embody for so long. You can tell that she’s eased up considerably with her desire to be taken seriously, which will do wonders for her in the long run. Just forget everything she’s released until this point.

See Ashlee Simpson’s new video, “Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)” here at Yahoo!.

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