This Is What A Solo Sugababe Sounds Like: A Clip of Keisha Buchanan’s “Fearless”

Once upon a time, there was a UK girl group named The Sugababes.

They had a few amazing hits like “Freak Like Me,” “Push The Button,” and “About You Now,” a few incredible albums including the criminally underrated Catfights & Spotlights, and a member’s roster that revolved faster than a turnstile at Disney World.

When Keisha Buchanan, the last surviving member of the band’s original line-up, left last September as a result of ‘creative differences’ (or whatever the PR term was being tossed around to suggest she wasn’t playing nice with others), most people formally proclaimed the ‘Babes to be finished.

Then the band (now in their fourth reincarnation) released a somewhat spotty “American sounding” album called Sweet 7 in 2010 which was only half good and could have been much more daring. Then the album peaked at #14 on the charts and everything ‘Babes started to take one long, miserable nose dive into mediocrity.

ANYWAY: Keisha Buchanan is back. Or, well…almost. The newly solo singer has been hard at work with several producers working on her debut, and a clip of a new song called “Fearless” is the first piece of evidence of such efforts.

The song, which is produced by Charlie Holmes (who previously uploaded this clip on his MySpace), is very big sounding in a Ryan Tedder ‘epic balladry’ sort of way. Buchanan’s vocals really shine here, especially toward the end, and all signs basically point toward promising territory.

In summation: Welcome back, Miss Buchanan. You were deeply missed.

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