If Only…

Let me take you back to a time…A time where a girl named Britney had the possibility of a worldwide tour. A time where her nether regions weren’t granted as many photo spreads as her face. A time without babies and divorces. Well, at least the last one. The time was 2006. The album, the horribly titled B In The Mix: The Remixes. Track six, the only newly recorded song from Ms. Spears, “And Then We Kiss.” Well my friends, the day that the song leaked onto the Interweb, I happened to be home from school (some may call it coincidence, I call it my Britney-sense.) Once I heard the strings start up and the ambient songs swirling behind them, I knew this would be different. And it was. “And Then We Kiss” is where I wanted her to move toward. It features a more complex, adult sound that is still dance-ready and marketable, yet more sophisticated. I love everything about this song. It’s one of my favorites, if not my favorite track from her. Come back to this, my sweet. You know you want to. Well…or–okay. Keep going to Starbucks. But then record more like this, please.

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And you, what do you think?

Knocked Up Teens…Not Just For Kids Anymore.

Knocked Up Teens…Not Just For Kids Anymore.

Going out to see Juno in an hour, I’ll be back to let you all (myself)

Bad Decision

Bad Decision

For God’s sake ladies, get it together

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