Wow. Okay. So, apparently some of you weren’t interested in watching Hilary Duff embark on an inspirational Tinder journey as she swiped for love — and, presumably hot NSA fun (#mascsparks4same) — in the original video for her breezy, whistlin’ Breathe In, Breathe Out bop, “Sparks.” Fine! That’s fine! She’s got you covered…with a Scruff version! (Just kidding. But now I want to see that one too.)

This morning, the Dignity diva uploaded a dance-only version of her candy coated, Hannah Lux Davis-directed clip for “Sparks.” No voiceovers, no taking a crazy chance (why not?) on some dates — just down and dirty dancing the whole way through.

How gorgeous does she look? Seriously! And she’s nailing the armography, too. This is only further proof that, with the right amount of glitter and a fleet of shirtless dancers, Hilary Duff could very well become the American answer to Kylie Minogue if she wanted to.

Swipe right for “Sparks,” y’all.

“Sparks” was released on April 7. (iTunes)