So, it looks like the cover art has been released for the highly anticipated next attempt at a comeback for Janet Jackson, “Feedback.” The single stems from her next studio album, entitled Discipline. Discipline…You mean like, having control of oneself? You mean the album Janet Jackson is known for? What a weird coincidence! It’s such a fresh and funky title, I never saw it coming. The song itself is fairly addictive, but I can’t seem to really get into it. Maybe because of the awe-inspiring line: “‘Cause my swag is serious / Heavy like a first day period.” The visual of crampy-pants dancing this one out is just slightly unappetizing.

Regardless, the cover art features shiny orbs for boobies and a digitalized vagina. Downplay the artwork with a sloppy “paint” font for her name, and there you have it. Wave of the future people, take a ride. The link’s on the right to hear the new single, “Feedback!”

Cada Que…

Cada Que…

Ahh, the summer sounds of Belanova



Funky beats and electric ticks…that’s the first thought that comes

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