Cada Que…

Ahh, the summer sounds of Belanova.

Ahh, the summer sounds of Belanova. I found–or more accurately–Belanova found me last year, after discovering I had lost my wallet one morning at college. If this weren’t a weekly occurrence, I would probably have been more distraught. As usual, I ran down to the card office and reported my wallet missing. But as I was talking, I couldn’t help but focus on the music she was playing.

I immediately fell in love. With the music, not her. While she was babbling something about “responsibility,” I hushed her mid-sentence and demanded to know the artist that was playing. I ran back and Wikied the group, and lo and behold, my interest was born. And, to make the story altogether more romantic, the wallet was found an hour later. Viva l’amour!
Formed in Mexico, Belanova consists of three members: One on the bass, one keyboard/programmer, and one singer. The typical Belanova sound is a standard power-pop ditty, overwhelmed with warm electronic beats and hints of both Latin and disco undertones. The lovely, flowing electronic samba music usually plays down Denisse Guerrero’s bubble-pop powerhouse vocals but don’t be fooled, she’s a real singer. Acoustic performances prove she’s got the chops when the music’s turned down and the spotlight’s on the voice.

They’re gaining steam in the Latin American market rapidly, and their latest singles have proven successful. Luckily, their latest release, Fantasia Pop, remains faithful to their signature sound. It’s a rare treat to warm up to for the holiday season. Ah yes, and it’s in Spanish. If you have an issue with international music, this probably isn’t the blog to be reading. Click the YouTube link to hear their single, “Cada Que!”

Fantasia Pop can be purchased at Amazon.

I Am Not Feeling Myself These Days

I Am Not Feeling Myself These Days

I know I’ve been relying heavily on the whole “musical



So, it looks like the cover art has been released for the highly anticipated

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