Swivel Chairs and Disco Lights

I’m at work. Somewhere between the third and fourteenth visit to Perez, I realized that no one else has followed suit. I am alone in my cubicle, surrounded by dark offices. Apparently, some people take holidays during the holiday season. To quench my boredom, I’m now listening to the almost perfect track, “Nervous” by Dannii Minogue off of her essential re-issue of “Neon Nights.” Usually I am doing my 200 lb. bench presses at the gym during this CD’s rotation, but I suppose a few toe taps and neck rolls in my comfy office chair will suffice for today. By the way, here’s my favorite Dannii look featured in the Put The Needle On It video on YouTube:

On Christmas Eve, I meant to post in detail about the greatest Dannii album of all time. Blame it on the eggnog. I will now quote it in its entirety:

I was driving around town today, listening to Dannii Minogue’s new outtake album, Unleashed, when an unreleased version of the sickeningly genius track “Hide & Seek” came on. As I began swerving slowly into oncoming traffic trying to nail those long notes in the “falling down like rain” bit of the song, I realized with a jump: I hadn’t heard Neon Nights in almost a year. What a fool I am!! To think, I could neglect my favorite albums EVER? The title of the CD alone suggests musical and lyrical perfection, and trust me, it is. She will never do better than what Neon Nights was; this is fact. Sad fact, but fact. It remains one of the most under-appreciated and overly essential sophisticated dance pop gems of all time. Each song is unapologetically catchy. The sounds are industrial and the production is ahead of its time. If only she stayed with London Records. And don’t you damn ninny-fans try and justify All Around the World Records as a real record deal…you ALL know that any Neon Nights track beats 94% of Dannii’s latest releases. I’m looking at you, “Touch Me Like That.” I don’t want to be touched like that ANYTIME.

Buy Dannii Minogue’s A+ album, Neon Nights, at Amazon.

And you, what do you think?

Close to touch like Michelangelo.

Close to touch like Michelangelo.

Good evenin’, fellow bloggers and blogettes!

And Now For Something Completely Related…

And Now For Something Completely Related…

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