Start wrapping those black lashes ’round your rebel head (unless she’s already done that for you on Instagram) and head down to the dance floor: Madonna has unveiled the first official remix of her triumphant Rebel Heart lead single, “Living For Love.”

Djemba Djemba, a member of Diplo’s Mad Decent label, has supplied the first taste of the upcoming single’s remix package, adding some shuffling electronica and tight House synth blasts to the already club-friendly production. It’s not a major makeover, but it does help tide us over while we wait for the #UnapologeticBitch to shoot her music video…and the rest of the album in March.

Get into the groove and carry on.

Lord, lift me up, up, up!

She told me I would Die Another Day…

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‘Rebel Heart’ will be released on March 10. (iTunes)