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For any and all interested, there is a pianist on YouTube, txabialgorta, who plays Britney music, along with other pop acts, while listening to the original recording through an earpiece. It’s incredibly impressive, and made all the better by being Britney music. He’s essentially completed the tracks on Blackout, so I’ll post up a few here. Recommended listening for those days spent lounging by the pool, appletini in hand, watching the man-servants pull up the weeds around your spare yacht.

Click below for “Break The Ice,” “Heaven On Earth,” “Radar,” and “Piece Of Me” piano versions.

Visit his profile for even more, it’s great stuff.

And click here if you want MOAR.

Apparently, Piece of Me has been covered by most instruments in the world.

Oh my GOD, why haven’t I found this before? The first few seconds seemed goofy, and then he started singing. This is SUCH a good job!

It’s the cute boy who did one of the first “Gimme More” covers.

Well…I, okay.

I’m not sure what happened here, but I gave up after I heard “and with a can up my arm, seal an exceptional reunion.”

Oh dear…I’m not sure he understood the assignment. Or has ever heard the song.

And of course we have some interpretive dance. Choreographer for the VMA’s I think.

What have I learned? People are such media whores. And have a lot of trouble with the “pictures of my derriere” part.

And you, what do you think?

Ransom Notes Keep Falling Out Your Mouth…

Ransom Notes Keep Falling Out Your Mouth…

This isn’t even slightly new, but I’ve been on an indie-lady kick

Back to Blonde?

Back to Blonde?

Aww, cheese WHIZ

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