The Many Moments of Madonna at the 2018 Met Gala

She arrived as Queen Gothdonna, performed a brand new song, and then slipped into something 23 years old. (A dress, that is.)

I’m late to posting about this, but Vogue is late to uploading the full performance. So, who’s really the bad guy?

Yes, that’s right: Madonna, Queen of Pop™, made an appearance at the 2018 Met Gala on Monday (May 7). And performed. And thoroughly reigned supreme.

This year’s theme? “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” – or, more accurately, “Madonna: A Career Retrospective.”

Telling Madge to pay homage to the iconography of Catholicism is sort of like suggesting to Ariana Grande that she try putting her hair in a ponytail: you don’t have to twist her Hard Candy Fitness-toned arm too hard.

Accordingly, Lady Ciccone looked right at home as Gothdonna, Queen of Gays, Blasphemy & Portugal.

She also blessed the visibly terrified and overwhelmed Vogue red carpet correspondant, Liza Koshy, who made this face immediately after the interview:

Liza Face Madonna Met Gala

Understandable, to be honest.

Inside the Rihanna co-chaired event, M-Dolla took to the stage – err, steps – of the museum to perform a classic hit whilst dressed as Monkdonna: “Dear Jessie.” No, wait. Sorry, actually: “Like a Prayer.” Who could have ever guessed?

It looked appropriately Iconic (feat. Mike Tyson & Chance The Rapper), as any performance of “Like A Prayer” does, although we wouldn’t know for sure because, just to reiterate, Vogue has yet to upload the performance in full, presumably due to fashionable fatigue. Or blatant homophobia.

Even more exciting, however, is what came next: a new song, apparently called “Beautiful Game,” which is due to be released on her upcoming album according to one of the backup singer-monks, who quickly deleted his comment upon being admonished by stans for giving away the song title. Stans: doing the most since forever.

It’s a beautiful plan, but I’m not concerned / It’s a beautiful game that I never learned / You have taught me to shut my mouth / Better not get burned…

We only got a minute of the dark and brooding track, but it sounds good thus far. While I’m probably biased ever since we learned that Mirwais is back on board, it sounds…somewhat American Life-ish? But also Rebel Heart-ish. We’ll see, we’ll see.

She then ended the set with a rendition of Leonard Cohen‘s classic “Hallelujah,” and honestly? A vocalist. Hello! She sounded incredible.

To celebrate a successful set, Madonna did what any Living Legend would do: she slipped into something a little more comfortable.

In her case, that meant casually sliding betwixt old friend and S&M partner Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson and Donatella Versace while wearing the same Versace dress she wore 23 years ago at the 1995 BRIT Awards, where she performed “Bedtime Story” looking like an ethereal goddess with that long hair gloriously whipping in the wind.


Madonna then spent the next 48 hours standing in her bathroom twirling around in the same dress. Who wouldn’t?

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Queen of Pop.

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