Britney Spears has reportedly attempted to commit suicide according to X17. Her mother is on the way, along with an ambulance. The entrance has been closed off. It is now 2:40 EST. Reports are still coming in…

According to Lynne, the emergency was not an attempted suicide. Still, that doesn’t clear up the whole police car line up looming outside the gates of Britney’s home. I’m sure more details will surface tomorrow, but for now, whatever has happened is no longer being classified as a suicide attempt.

EDIT 2: After all the madness from last night, it appears that the event was what TMZ had been referring to as the “creative intervention.” Last night, Britney’s psychiatrist called from within the home to have her committed. She is currently being held for at least 72 hours after showing signs of not sleeping for over two days. It seems that Sam Lutfi was blocked from the entire process (thank God) and that Adnan was allowed to come in with Lynne Spears (fuck).

Wowwy Wow.

Wowwy Wow.

The video for Kylie’s “Wow” has finally been posted on the

The Return of the Spice Girls Tour: Live In Boston

The Return of the Spice Girls Tour: Live In Boston

I’ve just returned home from the Return of the Spice Girls tour

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