Bright Light Bright Light Teams Up With Elton John For “I Wish We Were Leaving”


The last time we heard from Mr. Rod Bright Light Bright Light Thomas, we were treated to his gorgeous cover of the Pet Shops Boys classic “West End Girls” with Ana Matronic — which the Boys themselves endorsed. You know, no big deal or whatever.

But that was just a taste of big things to come in the New Year.

“I Wish We Were Leaving” is the title track of Rod’s new EP out on April 7 (as well as a track from his forthcoming sophomore record Life Is Easy, due out in July) — and it features the legendary Elton John.

According to Rod, the duet happened accidentally: After getting a phone call of support from Elton one day while working on “I Wish We Were Leaving,” he eventually played the track for Elton, who decided to add his vocals to the track. “Although it wasn’t written as a duet, I love that his voice taking lead in the second verse is a reminder that every relationship has two sides and two voices,” Rod explains of the collaboration.

And Elton found it to be an equally delightful surprise, evidently: “Working with Bright Light Bright Light was a challenge for me as I love electronica, but am quite ignorant on the recording process. I had to sing in a completely different way which I really enjoyed. The song spoke to me as soon as I first heard it, and I think that the combination of our voices is ethereal and beautiful.”

The track, like all the rest of Bright Light Bright Light’s work, is a gorgeous and complicated synth-pop production, built on frustrated feelings and lush beats. But this is truly a new sound for Elton — and it totally works: In fact, hearing Elton’s dramatic delivery on top of the sparkling electronic beats really reminds me of Liza Minnelli‘s utterly flawless Pet Shop Boys-produced record, Results. (That’s a very good thing.)

“One day you’ll be so good for somebody/And one day you’ll make somebody so happy…but it won’t be me,” the duo achingly lament. God, that chorus is devastating.

It’s a winning combo — check it out bellow.

“I Wish We Were Leaving (feat. Elton John)” was released on February 21. (iTunes)

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