Race Barrier Breaking and Boyfriend Hating

Alright, here’s the current obsession of the fortnight. My friends and I have been awkwardly skip-dancing to this one for the past few weeks. It’s by the Black Kids, a bunch of indie lads and lassies from the mystery-laden lands of Florida, USA. The band name is a nod to a song by a band named Hefner, but that leads me too far from my fluffy-pop territory.

They’re currently touring with Kate Nash (excellent) and Cut Copy (double excellent), and seem to be picking up a whole lot of steam lately. Kate did a cover herself last year, but the result turned out to be one the rare occasions where the British accent deeply failed me (“I’m nawt gonna teach him how to dunce, dunce dunce.”) It wasn’t pretty.

I guess you could call them a group to watch in 2008, but that sort of takes the whole surprise element out of their ascent to popularity. I hate it when groups are given that presumed “big” status. Anywho, go ahead and give it a listen, share it with your trendier friends, and start up the impromptu dance parties.

DL: The Black Kids – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance

Control Her, Already.

Control Her, Already.

Last night, Discipline leaked in full

Not Down For The Count

Not Down For The Count

Many of my fellow self-proclaimed pop scholars will agree that one of the

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