Cardigans Go Down to the Disco

FINALLY. After foaming at the mouth from the teaser clip on PopJustice, I’ve finally come across the Kleerup remix of the Cardigan’s “Erase/Rewind” has finally been released in full. With a new sheen of sleek disco gloss, the repackaged song’s twinkle of glam fits the song well. A hot track indeed…I highly recommend this one.

DL: The Cardigans – Erase/Rewind (Kleerup Mix)

Source: MuzicMatters Forum

Yes, Yes, Yes.

Yes, Yes, Yes.

Amy Winehouse has officially broken the irony meter and sealed the coffin for

World Domination, One Biopic At A Time

World Domination, One Biopic At A Time

When she’s not too busy recording Spanish language duets with herself or

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