Daily B: Leaky AND Flaky

A consistently reliable source from the StarsVIP forum has posted the supposed tracklisting of the two-disc demo that Britney was seen toting around for the past few years. It includes the working titles of all of the tracks we’ve heard on Blackout, plus a few new ones. I’d dismiss this as bull, except not only are all of these tracks confirmed by the producers, but one of them leaked today (“All That She Wants,” see previous post from today if you missed it.)

Money, sex, and souls have been offered to the man claiming to have them. I think I put a few of my appendages and cherished possessions on the offering list at some point as well… Time will tell if he’ll leak it in full. Until then, we still have about 60% of these demos, which were leaked in September/October.

Click “read more” to see the full track list of supposed demos.

Additionally, she showed up to the courthouse for today’s custody hearing, but not the courtroom. Baby steps! First the building, now inside the courthouse. I’m not going to venture a guess for next month’s custody hearing…she may even make it to the door this time!

Source: BMK

Disc 1:
01.Break The Ice
02.Heaven On Earth
03.Cold as Fire
04.The Perfect lover
05.Out of This World
06.Hooked On You
07.Heaven Knows
08.Get Naked
09.Kiss Me All Over
11.State Of Grace
12.Ooh Baby
13.Tell Me What You Sippin’ On (Version 2, 2006) -feat AC
14.Untitled Lullaby
15.Pull It
17.Get Back
18.To Love Let Go

Disc 2:
01.Piece Of Me
03.Toy Soldier
04.Give Me More
05.Red Carpet
11.Turn On The Night
12.All That She Wants

Lord Have Mercy

Lord Have Mercy

Welsh-born Duffy is expected, along with Adele, to be one of the top British

Madita – Too

Madita – Too

I know I’ve spoken about Madita roughly 400 times now, but her new album

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