Lorraine–Still Kicking

It’s been like three years…and I’m still avidly awaiting the release of Lorraine‘s debut album, Pop Noir. Now, it seems that the album will finally see its release sometime in the near future, though I’m sure they’ll break my heart at least one more time. I wrote about them extensively about three months ago, but now they’re back with a new single called “When I Return To The World.”

With some Indian samples (not the Timbaland kind of sampling, but rather the legitimate sitar sound) and a synthesizer still firmly in tow, the band’s new single is fun, care-free, and once again slightly epic. Arjan happens to be streaming it at his blog right now, so do try and stop over to listen. PopJustice! also claims that the single’s b-Side “Beyond Sky” is quite lovely, so I’m looking forward to hearing that as well. To pre-order the single (as only 1000 copies will be pressed), head over to their official site. Now, any day you boys would like to release that album, I’ll be waiting.

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