Lord Have Mercy

Welsh-born Duffy is expected, along with Adele, to be one of the top British artists to watch in 2008. You know the kind…oh so popular in the U.K. until American audiences finally catch wind and snatch them from the country. I originally wrote her off as an old-school revival copycat, until I accidentally stumbled onto the video for her new single. She’s got a colorful history, working in a fishery, a jazz club, and coming in second place on Welsh’s version of Pop Idol, Wawffactor (America: Consider this for a possible re-titling of American Idol.)

Of course, Duffy has been dealt plenty of comparisons to fellow contemporary “old-school” singer Amy Winehouse, though I can’t find much similarity in the overall style of their sound. Winehouse is more of a real deal soulful singer with the ability to invoke the rawest form of Motown soul, whereas Duffy is more breezy-pop and showy, lacking the gritty and biting vocals that only Winehouse can possess. Now, I happen to like the new single a great deal. She reminds me of Dusty Springfield and a bit of Nancy Sinatra. I still prefer my crazy Amy if compared, but Duffy’s “Mercy” is still a refreshing, melodic, and overall fun track to sing along to. Plus she’s easy on the eyes, and her hair appears to have been washed at some point in the last week. Not that Amy isn’t a raving beauty in her own right, but sometimes hygiene is sexy. And not that Amy isn’t hygenic, but–well, okay. You know she probably smells. Just saying.

Duffy’s new album, entitled Rockferry is due March 3, 2008. Click on the “read more” for the tracklisting.

DL: Duffy – Mercy

Watch the video here.

1. Rockferry
2. Warwick Avenue
3. Serious
4. Stepping Stone
5. Syrup & Honey
6. Hanging On Too Long
7. Mercy
8. Delayed Devotion
9. Scared
10. Distant Dreamer

New Britney!

New Britney!

A new Britney song has cropped up unexpectedly on YouTube!

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