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Alright, alright. So here’s the debut song from an up and coming artist from Japan, Kana Nishino. Her voice will most likely royally piss off most listeners. However, it may be slightly refreshing. Before judging too harshly, understand this fact: She’s not signed under Avex. WHAT? I know. Please feel free to judge the fact that she lists Christina Aguilera as one of her favorite artists, however. But then immediately cease your judging, because she is also only 19 years of age. I don’t believe it, either.

There’s something about the song that kept me listening, though I’m not sure what. The construction is rather varied; it’s not your typical J-Pop song. Trust me, it gets tiring to hear the formula for so many artists, so perhaps this will be a refreshing escape for those tired of the same ol’ same ol’. Let’s see if she can stand the test of time, like last year’s up-and-comer Yuna Ito. Oh yeah, Kana released this song in English as well, but it’s a bit like all the other J-Pop attempts at English…muffled and difficult to understand. So I’ll pretend it doesn’t exist. Like my illegitimate children. Enjoy!

DL: I – Kana Nishino

Source:BlessingofLove @ LJ

Kylie Speaks Out

Kylie Speaks Out

Thanks to littledog334 on the SayHey forums, I’ve got the full HQ scans of

Robbie + China = Public Works

Robbie + China = Public Works

This is too excellent to ignore

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