You know when you totally love a song, but then you’re all like “Oh man, what if this song were sped up with some BLAZING BEATS for when I’m working on my fitness and/or getting roofied on the dance floor?”

This is why UK dance group Cahill are FANTASTIC. Because Cahill answers that lingering question by taking the songs that you love, speeding them up to near Alvin and The Chipmunks proportions, and then shoving some beats STRAIGHT up their bass!

Case in point? Their most amazelicious remix of Mariah Carey‘s “Obsessed” from last year. (Who else had fun attempting to sing this one as fast as they could to keep up before getting asthma? I know I did!)

Now, we’ve got Miss Keri Baby‘s deliciously empowering new single, “Pretty Girl Rock.”

Totally fun and fabulous, right? I wonder what would happen if we put a little pep into Hilson’s pretty girl step… (LISTEN)

Conclusion: EVEN. MORE. AMAZING.