Depose or Dispose

B was scheduled to sit for her deposition today. For the…sixth time? X17, infamous for their overly praising tone, reports that Britney went to be deposed at 10, though her hearing should have began at 9:45. However, they soon turned around. According to OK! and X17, Kaplan, Kevin Federline’s lawyer, is now en-route to the judge to request a drop of Britney’s custody case, allowing Kevin Federline permanent custody.

Unless a miracle happens, expect this to be the final straw for Britney’s shot at custody.

EDIT: Apparently, a miracle has happened, and Britney has shown up (albeit late) in a pink dress, with sassy assistant Carla. God, she’s good. Well, wait for the live feeds everyone. She’s known for being a runner sometimes.

EDIT 2: As predicted, the eagle has flown the coop. Britney, wearing Christian Louboutin shoes (Thank you, TMZ Reporting, for always focusing on what matters first) has peaced out of that joint after only 45 minutes of questioning. A press conference is beginning shortly later on today.

If it’s any consolation, she looks AMAZING. Like, pre-2004 era good. Click here to see the pictures of her arriving and leaving Kaplan’s office.

And you, what do you think?

Moby – Last Night

Moby – Last Night

I’m so unbelievably outraged

Album News – The Cardigans – Best Of

Album News – The Cardigans – Best Of

One of my favorite bands of all time, The Cardigans, are releasing their

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