Moby – Last Night

I’m so unbelievably outraged. No one said anything about a new Moby album!! Moby is putting out his sixth studio album, Last Night, in March of 2008. And to my great delight, it’s going to be an electronica/dance oriented album! Moby explains the concept of the album on his website, along with the addition of a free megamix teaser:

“last night” is basically a love letter to dance music in new york city. what i love about the new york approach to dance music is the eclecticism and the open minded-ness on the part of the musicians, the dj’s, and the people in the bars and clubs. in making ‘last night’ i essentially tried to take a long 8 hour night out in new york city and condense it into a 65 minute long album.’

EGAH. This mega-mix is phenomonal! It seems that Moby is only growing in talent as the years go on. The tracks go from urban-ambient to classic, throbbing dance. It literally sounds as though Moby has collected the sounds and sights from the streets of New York City and compiled them into one greatest hits mix. This sounds like such a throw-back to ’90’s club music, mixed with Moby’s signature moody ambience. I LOVE IT.

Either download the megamix directly from Moby’s official site here, or watch the fan-video below.

And you, what do you think?

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