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One of my favorite bands of all time, The Cardigans, are releasing their hand-picked Best Of album during the last weeks of January. The cover is to the left! To celebrate, I have uploaded several of my own favorites. You all know them for “Lovefool,” perhaps the most unrepresentative song they have ever recorded. But don’t discredit them…They’re in a league of their own. Somewhat country-twang, a little folk, but yet too pop to be defined in either region, The Cardigans offer rich sounds in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from heavier rock ballads to tediously swinging sea shanty-like odes. Luckily, PopJustice has uploaded a clip of Kleerup’s (Robyn’s “With Every Heartbeat,” anyone?) remix of “Erase/Rewind,” which gives it a smooth, industro-electro sheen. To hear the new mix, click here.

DL: The Cardigans – You’re The Storm
DL: The Cardigans – I Need Some Fine Wine And You, You Need To Be Nicer
DL: The Cardigans – Erase/Rewind
DL: The Cardigans – Communication

If you like what you hear, please remember to buy the Cardigan’s upcoming Greatest Hits album, as well as the albums featured in the songs above: Long Gone Before Daylight, Gran Turismo, and Super Extra Gravity.

And you, what do you think?

Depose or Dispose

Depose or Dispose

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Britney Rushed to Hospital after Custody Dispute


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