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I’m on an Utada kick, so I thought I’d feature Utada’s arguably finest work ever, “Kremlin Dusk.” The song was constructed with the Mars Volta’s drummer, Jon Theodore, who does a superb job. Of course, as with every other song on the album, Utada produced and programmed the entire song. The lyrics go beyond what she’s ever done; they borrow from Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven,” to begin with, and then continue upward. Some may argue that it’s about the conflicts of sexuality, others say it’s an inward battle with a lost love, and still others have their own unique spins on the subjects brought up in the song. The song itself is quite a production. It slowly builds, maintaining its anger, until the final moments of uncontrollable emotion. Her vocals are pushed to the test in this song; everything is featured, from the most fragile high notes she could possibly emit, to the screaming anger of the chorus, it’s a perfect showcase of her talent. As I’ve said, her voice is unique, and her vibrato is known to annoy non-fans. But I think her fragility is what I like the most; it sounds broken and beautiful. Don’t miss this most excellent song:

DL: Utada – Kremlin Dusk

Her live performance from Utada United 2006 gives me chills every time I see it. The full Utada set included three English songs, “Devil Inside,” “Kremlin Dusk,” and “You Make Me Want To Be A Man.” It’s one of the first times the public was able to hear her sing this song live. And trust me, Utada goes all out. It’s the most emotionally charged, electrifying performances I’ve ever seen. The mood is haunting, the lights are entrancing, and most importantly, she is completely in the moment. The cinematography perfectly captures the experience. By “You Make Me Want To Be A Man,” there’s no doubt that when she begins howling along with the music at the three minute mark that this is one of her finest moments. Her voice isn’t for everyone, and neither is the music, but it’s damn near perfection to me. Full screen the video, turn off the lights, and tell me it’s not awesome to watch these songs unfold. If you have to see any of them, watch the last (“You Make Me Want To Be A Man”):

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