Jumping Into Pools With Yo Clothes On

Finally, our prayers have been answered. New Alanis!

It’s called “Underneath,” and it’s quite nice. In fact, it sounds a bit “classic Alanis,” if you will. The video is nice and deep, plagued with metaphorical situations that I don’t understand. That’s because Alanis is too deep for you. How deep is she now? Pool deep. Therefore, this video is deeper than you will ever grasp, dear reader(s). Especially because in this very video, she challenges the modern conceptions of the household umbrella. In today’s world, it’s all about inviting someone to merely “stand” under one’s umbrella. Alanis doesn’t give a shit about that. Here, she’s boldly brings an umbrella where no umbrella has gone before: UNDER. WATER. That’s so Alanis. Now go ahead and eat your heart out, Rihanna.

I highly recommend watching this at once, or just downloading from the link below. The song makes me really excited for the release of her new album, Flavors of Entanglement.

DL: Alanis Morrisette – Underneath

Source: hookedonspice@Muzic Matters Forum
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