Introducing…The Little Ones

This is a new discovery I’ve happened upon from an anonymous source. The Little Ones, as they are so affectionately known, are an L.A. based indie-pop band who have as of right now released only one EP, named Sing Song. The reason they came to my attention is for their song, “Lovers Who Uncover.” I found the story of the band’s formation to be adorable.

Apparently, the bandmates came together in a studio nicknamed “Uncle Lee’s” in an attempt to create a form of escapist, care-free music. They ran into issues trying to contruct the music, and were about to abandon the project until they decided upon a single gauge for excellence, called “Uncle Lee’s Rule of Feet,” which proclaimed that a song was acceptable once it caused all group members to shuffle their feet upon hearing it. Using this rule of thumb, the group successfully produced their EP. In 2006, Matt Costa asked the band to open for him, and the rest is (will be?) history. Their music is a wonderful combination of the Beach Boys, Paris, and other happy-go-lucky summertime music. It’s escapism at it’s best, and I’m sure that was the point in the first place. Their full length album, Morning Tide, is expected to be released April of 2008.

DL: The Little Ones – Lovers Who Uncover
DL: The Little Ones – Cha Cha Cha

And here’s the video for their latest single, “Ordinary Song.”

Picture Source: BrooklynVegan

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