Namie Amuro Leaks

It’s always right after I post the news. Well, two of the three singles from Namie Amuro have just leaked. NEW LOOK is so addictive. It’s kind of like a marching band. About Twiggy and fashion or something. Namie’s clearly been watching Project Runway. Just listen to that breakdown: “What’s In, What’s Out? / What’s In, What’s Out?” I can’t stop playing it. It’s fierce. Listen for the quick “Baby Love” shout out at the end.

DL: Namie Amuro – NEW LOOK

And then there’s “ROCK STEADY,” which borrows much more heavily from its sampled track. It’s faster and stronger. Definitely a signature Namie track. It’s like she’s fighting Aretha. Unfortunately, I think this must be a music video rip, because there’s a bunch of random nonsense in the middle of the track, undoubtedly dialogue from the video.

DL: Namie Amuro – ROCK STEADY

Source: AmuroNamie @ LJ

Introducing…The Little Ones

Introducing…The Little Ones

This is a new discovery I’ve happened upon from an anonymous source

Daily B: Sideswiped

Daily B: Sideswiped

Britney has reunited with Adnan

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