Madonna’s Listening Party

Madonna’s latest album listening session, in which several executives got a taste of her new album, took place a few weeks ago. This included listening to samples of “4 Minutes To Save The World” and “Candy Shop.” Working titles include Block Party, Urbanbeat Queen, and Give It To Me according to fan blog Madge Tribe. Almost indefinitely, the album will be urban-based, filled with glamour and color. Finally, some pictures have surfaced…and they do match the description! Earlier reports said that the meeting was entirely candy-based, and that everything was pink and colorful. See the pictures below!

Source: BadMediaKarma Forums

And you, what do you think?

Calming Music Part Deux – Goldfrapp

Calming Music Part Deux – Goldfrapp

Seventh Tree, Goldfrapp’s fourth studio album, is being released in

Piece of Me Single Cover Fan Version

Piece of Me Single Cover Fan Version

This is bad timing what with the custody battle going on, but… I’M

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