Disco Lights

One more post before I go to bed. A brand new track from Moby’s upcoming Last Night has leaked. In his journal, Moby says “Disco Lies” is featured somewhere in Cloverfield. I can’t vouch for the man, but I have a feeling he’s probably telling the truth.

Anyway, the song’s hot. It’s a good ol’ write-you-off disco track with plenty of feeling, but I feel like I’ve heard it before for some reason. Is it sampling something? Let me know.

P.S. Album’s coming out on March 10.

DL: Moby – Disco Lies

Madita – Too

Madita – Too

I know I’ve spoken about Madita roughly 400 times now, but her new album

Daily B: Flashback

Daily B: Flashback

She hasn’t kissed anyone, shown the lady bits off, or said anything

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