Must. Stop. Thinking.

I can’t stop blinking today. Well, that’s not even slightly accurate. I can’t stop blinking consciously. It’s driving me mad…it’s been hours of thinking about blinking. I’m not sure how to fix it, but I know that I’m slowly traveling a path of obsessive compulsion and taped eyelids. Help?

Speaking of eyeballs, Celine Dion has a new single that came out just yesterday, called “Eyes On Me.” I know the bitch be crazy, but I can’t have my pop stars any other way. Either they’re absolute space cadets, or I’m simply unentertained. “Eyes On Me” is a seductive, almost sexy song. I can’t actually call it sexy because it’s Celine, and…well. I just, it’s not a visual I’m comfortable with. Tinged with middle-eastern sounds, the song makes you want to belly dance all around the room. And possibly chicken dance. Who let Celine out? Jesus did.

DL: Celine Dion – Eyes On Me

Credit: Fotolog

Buy Celine’s album Taking Chances at Amazon.
And you, what do you think?

Acid and Ecstacy?

Acid and Ecstacy?

Is that what the song stands for?

Shakira Live!

Shakira Live!

Check out Shakira’s performance on Jay Leno last night, singing

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