Sia: Soon We’ll Be Found

I’m headed off into the city today, but before that, I knew I had to post this glorious clip of Sia‘s performance of “Soon We’ll Be Found” on Late Night with David Letterman on Thursday night!

There are many points of visual pleasure within the performance: The all-white, ’60’s backdrop, that dream-like vintage gloss, the slight flourish of color painted on Sia’s hands contrasting against her little black dress.

Of course, nothing really compares to those incredible high notes achieved at the final seconds of the song. Incredible, incredible delivery…Superior to the studio recording! And did you see how giggly she gets after David comes and kisses her hand? Love it.

Ayumi Hamasaki: Going GREEN

Ayumi Hamasaki: Going GREEN

Though it feels as though it’s been years, Ayumi Hamasaki‘s last

Dannii: Gimme More, More, More

Dannii: Gimme More, More, More

Dannii, I miss you terribly

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