Hercules & Love Affair is officially 2 for 2.

After making a grand return to the dance floor with “Do You Feel The Same?” last month, DJ Andy Butler‘s collaborative dance floor outfit is back with an even bigger tune: “I Try To Talk To You,” featuring vocals by singer-songwriter, John Grant.

The song was the first to be recorded for the troupe’s upcoming album The Feast Of The Broken Heart, and, like Degrassi, it goes there.

“I asked John to dig deep with his lyrical contribution,” recalls Butler. “I had no idea he would dig so deep. He tackled the story of becoming HIV positive, and while I mentioned to him that he did not need to go there if he was not comfortable, in that beautifully punky, spirited and courageous way he has about him, he told me that was what the song was going to be about. What came of it is an elegant song featuring John singing and playing his heart out.”

“I don’t understand, help me please/Tell me everything, make me see/You know that I would give you anything/I’d take away your pain, I’d take away the sting,” he solemnly croons across bright piano chords and four-to-the-floor beats.

“I Try To Talk To You” sounds like an early ’90’s House version of Depeche Mode‘s “Enjoy The Silence” (one of my very favorites of all time!), full of emotional delivery and throbbing throwback club pulsations. (There’s also a bit of Pet Shop Boys hidden somewhere in the song’s DNA.)

A heavy source of lyrical inspiration no doubt, but the end result is truly a thing of beauty.

‘The Feast Of The Broken Heart’ will be released on May 26. (iTunes)