No, you never were and you never will.

And now, I present a sleepy time song for all of my fellow late nighters looking for something beautiful to drift away with. It’s Robyn’s “Be Mine,” ballad style. The song itself is all shades of brilliance, and I’ve loved it for three years now. However, on The Rakamonie EP, released about two years ago, she included a vocal and piano only rendition of the song, which is rather beautifully sleepy. I immediately took to my keyboard in order to try and play the chords. I failed, but I can still sing along because it’s in a low register. My dreams always seem to be crushed. And, you guessed it, this continues to prove that Swedish and Norweigan music is perfect.

DL: Robyn – Be Mine (Ballad Version)

Be sure to support Robyn by buying the rakamonie EP at Amazon.

New Madonna, Old Era

New Madonna, Old Era

Well this was certainly a pleasurable little surprise to come back to tonight

Oh Wow.

Oh Wow.

Last night I went to bed after stumbling upon a little treat…now I’m

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